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About Us

For over 20 years, Domenech Group has contributed to the urban life in Puerto Rico by constructing and developing single/multiple-family homes, elderly institutions, hotels, clinics, commercial buildings, schools, city squares, banks, theaters, power authority facilities, court houses, parking lots, bus terminals, fire stations, and more.

Today, we aim to continue to offer land development solutions to ambitious clients.  We’re here to guide you through all the phases of construction and land development, from parcel selection to sales management. We want to help you make the most out of Puerto Rico's landscapes and bring it to the people. 

Construction & Land Development Projects in Puerto Rico

Alturas de Puerto Real - 204 single-family homesCabo Rojo

Cayo Enrique I & II - 30 townhousesLajas

Parguera Suites - 18 apartments, Lajas

Alturas de Miradero I & II - 171 single-family homes, Cabo Rojo

PRTC  Building - 16,000 sqft commercial space, Aguadilla

Pozo WEKO - Potable Water Well, Cabo Rojo

Majinas Potable Water Filtration Plant, Sabana Grande

Paseos de Camuy - 34 single-family homes, Camuy

Paseos de Aguadilla - 21 single-family homes, Aguadilla

Alturas Sabaneras - 206 single-family homes, Sabana Grande

Vistas de la Bahía - 44-unit apartment complex, Lajas

Bosque 51 - 40-unit student apartment complex, Mayagüez

FSDE Building - Diagnosis and Treatment Center, Aguadilla

Román Baldorioty de Castro Middle-High School, Camuy

Alturas de Pajonal - 32 single-family homes, Florida 

Llanadas Urban Middle School, Barceloneta

Piletas Middle-High School, Lares

Cabo Rojo Elderly Apartments - 76 unitsCabo Rojo

Paraísos del Atlántico - 42 walk-ups, Quebradillas

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